Tutor Applications


Thank you for your interest in joining our teaching team.

We are a tutoring service provider and we are always looking for experienced, qualified, caring teachers.

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our tutors, so, in addition to the qualifications below, we do require our tutors to have a passion for their area of expertise.

If you are a STUDENT TUTOR please scroll down to the appropriate section below:

If you have the following qualifications, we would be happy to hear from you. Please note: if you have expertise in a certain area, we do allow for exceptions to these requirements on a case-to-case basis.

– A TESL/TESOL certificate and/or English Degree is required for ESL tutoring.

– An appropriate Degree, Diploma or License is required for all other subjects/areas.

– At least 2 (TWO) years of experience tutoring and/or teaching.

– At least 2 (TWO) verifiable references who can email a reference to us OR proof of Teacher Certification.

– A Criminal Record Check OR proof of Teacher Certification.


Below please find the two documents you will need to download and e-complete.

1.0 Teacher Agreement     2.0 Teacher Subjects.Availability


Please follow the instructions below for tendering your application:

1. Submit Teacher Agreement, Subject & Availability Form & Resume.

2. Submit proof of Teacher Certification if applicable.

3. If you do not have Teacher Certification arrange to have two references emailed to us . Lernit does not accept references emailed to us by the applicant.

4. If you do not have Teacher Certification submit proof of Criminal Record Check (CRC) as per: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/criminal-record-checks

5. If you do not have Teacher Certification submit proof of all degrees and certifications.

  • Please include your resume with the documents, even if you sent it in your original email as we do not keep the original emails.
  • The forms can be filled out electronically (no need to print, sign and scan) and emailed to us: LERNIT@live.ca
  • **please do not change the format of the documents when returning***

When we have received your documents and verified your references, we will conduct an informal telephone interview with suitable candidates.

Once your application and interview are successfully completed, you will be registered in our database and notified when a position that fits your qualifications, experience and location is available.

If you are applying for a specific position and you become a member of our Teaching Team, you will be notified if the client is interested in interviewing you.


Lernit does accept applications from certain students who wish to tutor for Lernit clients. Before Lernit can place you in its database and assign clients, we will need the following information:

  1. Proof of student status – a copy of the most recent transcript
  2. Resume – which includes tutoring experience, if any
  3. 2 references which must be emailed to Lernit by the referrer – at least one from a recent teacher/professor
  4. Criminal Record Check*

*Lernit clients usually prefer tutors who have a CRC. Lernit policy is to refer Student Tutors who have a recent CRC first. However, Lernit will refer a Student Tutor without a CRC to a client if the client agrees to accept a Student Tutor who does not have a CRC. If you do not have a current CRC, or do not wish to obtain one, it will most likely affect your ability to get referrals.

To apply, please complete the two forms below (e-complete – no need to print and scan), and submit them along with items #1-4 listed above.

1.1 Student Teacher Agreement      2.1 Student Teacher Subjects.Availability


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