Testimonials from some of our satisfied clients:


Just so you know, I am forever grateful that I came across your agency. For [Lernit Tutors] have given Tristan the best learning opportunity the past 3 years and for this, I thank you so much!

I wish you all the best.



David, I also appreciate your words of encouragement during this process- it meant so much coming from you…We did not only do tutoring sessions with her, but I also learned a lot from her on a personal and professional basis.  A few of my friends who will be doing TESL next year are also interested in getting support from her when they saw my performance, and I gave them the Lernit number, just to let you know.



Thank you for providing us such a supportive and well-educated tutor. I look forward to working with your company again in September when my daughter’s homeschooling will resume.



I am very happy with [my Lernit Tutor] she is a very bright educated woman, who has been very helpful and takes the time to review the material prior to meeting with me.
She is a very valuable member of your team.

The sessions were very worthwhile. I was happy with your service and effort to work with my learning needs.
We really appreciate my son’s tutor Sandra.
In my son’s words, “She’s really nice and she never tries to rush me”.
And from my perspective, she’s patient, effective, enthusiastic, and supportive.  She’s also kind, imaginative, firm and flexible.
I was very happy with the assistance with math tutoring that I received from Sonia. She was very friendly, polite, and explained everything with patience in a clear easy to understand way.
 Thank you so much for your service. My son really enjoyed working with your tutor.
You introduced this great tutor to me and my son was so happy with her. She had a special talent of teaching which everyone doesn’t have. My son started with ZERO knowledge in CHEMISTRY. For his First term he got only 72 for Chemistry 12 and this term he got 98 which was a tremendous improvement!
I have never used another company but with the service we received, I would not even think of going to someone else.  Layla was close to failing Math and Science and will now finish the year with a high B or A.  She is already talking about having Charmaine tutor her next year.  Thank you so much for sending her to us.  It was so easy and painless to sign up for your program.  I have already given your number to some of my staff at work.
David and I worked together at Fromme for three years from September 2001- June 2004. At that time I was the Vice Principal at Fromme School.  David was a strong teacher with a good reputation in the community.  His interactions with students, staff and parents were professional and personable.  I have no hesitation in saying that I would be comfortable to have him teach my son.  David is a well-prepared educator and is highly professional in his demeanor.
Thanks again for your service. I would certainly recommend your company to my friends and colleagues.
…just having the one on one tutoring for the last couple months has given me the confidence to go back and improve my overall grade. (Something I can check off the old bucket list! lol)
If I hear of anyone in need of a tutor I will be sure to pass your name on or if I find myself in need of your services again I will definitely be contacting you.
Thank you for working with my son this summer! I have noticed an improvement in his attitude towards reading and his reading in general.
Over the summer David worked with our 9-year-old son on his reading and writing. As a result, our son entered grade 4 with new improved skills and confidence. David kept us involved in the process so we could work/read with our son through the week. He also managed to keep it fun – a couple of games and fun books. We will definitely use David again!
Dear David,
Thank you so much for all of your efforts. I appreciated your caring nature. My daughter and I are still settling into our new home. Call when you’re in our area – love to show you.
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