Lernit Tutoring v/s Learning Centers

For the parent looking to save a dollar, Learning Centers seem to offer the best solution. Hourly rates advertised by Learning Centers can be 50%-75% less than the hourly rate for a Lernit tutor. So, at first glance, it does seem like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, this perceived advantage of Learning Centers could not be further from the truth.

In reality, Lernit Tutoring trumps the Learning Center when it comes to Cost, Convenience and Benefit. Let’s look at some of the reasons:


Learning Centers are able to offer a lower hourly rate because the students are in groups – usually of 4 or more. So this is not Private Tutoring. Instead, the learner is lumped in with 3 or more other learners who are not necessarily the same age or working on the same subject. Even if the other students in the group are the same age and working on the same subject, they will certainly not have the same needs. The end result is the learner, in a group of 4, will only get 15 minutes of the tutor’s time. The rest of the hour, 45 minutes, is spent on busy work while the tutor focuses on the other 3.

So, if you do the math: $10/hr. for a Learning Center tutor is really $40/hr. because the learner is only getting 15 minutes of actual working time with the tutor.

But wait…the cost for a Learning Center is not just the tutoring cost per hour. It is also the traveling cost. A Lernit Tutor comes to your home, but with a Learning Center, you have to drive there.

The BCAA estimates the cost of driving a 2016 Honda Civic is 42 cents/km.

For the sake of an example, let’s take a distance of 5 km to the Learning Centre. That’s a total of 20 km (drive there, go home, drive back, go home)…a cost of $8.40 – which extrapolates to $48.40/hr. when you consider the learner is only getting 15 minutes of face-to-face tutor time. Naturally, the farther you have to travel means the hourly cost for tutoring increases.

In most cases, the advertised lowest rate at Learning Centers is for a specific number of hours per month paid in advance. If the learner wants fewer hours, the rate is higher. With a Lernit Tutor, you have a choice of pay-as-you-go or pre-pay for a lower rate.

Finally, there may be hidden, or ‘other’ costs. Some Learning Centers require a Registration Fee or an Evaluation Fee. Lernit Tutoring has no additional fees.


With Lernit Tutoring, the tutor can come to your home. This eliminates the stress of being at the Learning Center on time, the stress of driving back and forth and if you are a parent, the stress of wondering how your child is doing (because you are there, in your home, to see how the tutor is interacting with your child). This leads into another convenience of Lernit: You can interview the tutor before the first lesson. This means you are able to screen the prospective tutor to ensure they are a good fit for the learner. At Learning Centers, you have no control over who tutors the learner and, as a parent, you are not there to see how the lesson is progressing.


Besides being able to choose the tutor, Lernit Tutoring has many other important benefits for the learner. Lernit Tutors specialize in certain subjects, so they tend to be more enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Lernit tutoring also has a Guarantee of Satisfaction and a Customer Service Policy that ensures your on-going satisfaction.

Lernit Tutoring allows the learner to progress at their own pace. The Lernit Tutor knows how to pace a lesson so the learning time is optimized and pleasant. This benefit alone can quickly reduce the cost of tutoring because the learner will not require as many hours to acquire facts and concepts.

Children with attention deficit problems have fewer distractions with a Lernit Tutor and for learners with specific problems, the Lernit Tutor can focus the entire learning time on what is essential and necessary for rapid acquisition of facts or concepts.

Flexibility is another benefit of Lernit Tutoring. The learner can schedule the Lernit Tutor to come at times that fit the learner’s schedule. This ability to choose learning times is very important for those who have other obligations or activities during the week. At most Learning Centers, the schedule is set by the Center and the learner has little or no choice when it comes to lesson times.

The Bottom Line

While we have covered the salient facts about Lernit Tutoring v/s Learning Centers, there are many more aspects of Lernit Tutoring that make it far more appealing than Learning Centers. If you wish to read more on the benefits of Private Tutoring you can simply Google ‘advantages of private tutoring’.

Contact Lernit Tutoring Services today and we will help you to quickly and affordably achieve your learning goals.