All parents are keenly interested in finding the right tutor for their child.

Many parents choose to save money by finding the right tutor themselves and hiring them directly rather than dealing with a company or agency…but this process takes time and has many pitfalls…

…So what kind of teacher are you looking for?

  • The one who lives next door?
  • Or, maybe the one who is offering the cheapest rate?

Now think about it….

  • There are no regulations on who can tutor.
  • There is no monitoring of tutoring quality or effectiveness.

How do you go about finding the right educator?

  • Lernit Tutoring Services offers excellent tutors who are well-qualified, experienced and caring.
  • They use individualized teaching methods to help you achieve your learning goals.
  • We check our tutor’s credentials, ensure there is a recent criminal record check, and personally interview them to select only the best teachers for our students.

So contact us today to find the right tutor…

Because you need an experienced, reliable educator with a unique teaching style that suits your way of learning.

Advantages of using a Lernit Tutor:

  • Lernit has verified the tutor’s credentials.
  • Lernit tutors have a minimum 2 year’s experience.
  • References have been checked.
  • A recent Criminal Record Check has been done.
  • Rate plans to suit most budgets.
  • Lernit has a comprehensive, fair cancellation policy.
  • A Satisfaction Guarantee for that first hour with your new Lernit tutor.
  • A Customer Service Policy that ensures your on-going satisfaction.
  • Lernit has vetted each tutor to ensure you are getting a verified educator.
  • We also have a Customer Service Policy that ensures your satisfaction.

Contact us today to begin achieving your learning goals.

For more information please email us at or use the contact form located in the right-hand margin.