What do you charge?

Our standard rate is currently $45/hr. for a private pay-as-you-go lesson. Rates as low as $23/hr. are available for some Pre-Pay lessons. For more info. on our rates visit our Fees & Registration page. These rates may change without notice, but not if you have already signed an agreement with a tutor.

Does your fee include all taxes?

Yes. There are no taxes or other charges.

Do your tutors teach university courses?

Yes. We have tutors for all subjects and levels.

Are your fees higher for university courses?

Sometimes. The extra fees we charge are dependent upon the tutor. You will be advised of any extra charge before meeting the tutor.

Who do we pay?

You pay the tutor directly – cash only – after each lesson. You may prepay for lessons. Any lessons missed or canceled with 24-hour notice will be refunded or credited.

What is your cancellation policy?

You must give the tutor at least 24-hour notice for cancellation or you will be charged for that lesson. Proper notice is either a phone call or an email – preferably both.

Are your tutors qualified?

Our tutors are qualified and vetted. For more information on our tutors go to our website: Lernit Tutors

Does the tutor come to my home?

Yes. Or the tutor will meet you at any convenient location.

Is your service guaranteed?

Yes. The first hour is guaranteed. If after the first hour you are not satisfied with the tutor you will not be charged for that hour and we will assign another tutor to you. We also have a Customer Service Policy that will ensure your ongoing satisfaction.

Do you have a question not answered here? Please post it in the contact box located in the right-hand margin and we will reply.