Test Your Grammar Skills

Test Your Grammar Test your grammar skills here: Grammatically Speaking If you are not happy with your results and you are a chronic or frequent texter, you [...]

ESL Christmas Vocabulary

Here are several sites that will help English learners with Christmas Vocabulary ESL Christmas Vocabulary Learn Christmas Vocabulary with this ESL  Memory Game (Santa, tree, elf, etc.). This game [...]

The Best Sing-a-Long ESL Videos

Here are a few of the best sing-a-long ESL videos we have found. They are perfect for motivating and energizing your ESL class, or, if you are an ESL [...]

Knowing How to Write Well

Knowing How to Write Well Communication skills are at the heart of what it means to be a student. Whether in college, university, or on the job, [...]

Free Reading Comprehension Cards

Free Reading Comprehension Cards These free reading comprehension cards help students think critically and better understand stories and texts they read. Using the cards, students will practice [...]

Skill Circuits – Recycling Language

Skill Circuits - Group Activity Skills circuits are a fun way to review language. They also provide a change to coursebook activities allowing learners to work together [...]

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