protect your kids onlineThese days, without hesitation, parents give their kids phones and tablets to keep them entertained. However, giving kids access to the internet should be approached with caution. There are some dark places on the web that you may not want your child exploring.

Google is not a babysitter. Search engines don’t filter out inappropriate or violent material. The internet is a wide-open resource where a savvy child can access anything from the latest cake-decorating video to porn, which makes parental oversight difficult, to say the least. The web can also be a wonderful resource for children to explore interesting subjects, learn new skills and make new friends. As a parent, you want to both empower and protect your child while they surf the web.

Here are just a few ways you can protect your kids online:

1. Be Interested in What They’re Doing
2. Set Clear Boundaries
3. Set Restrictions on Search Engines
4. Protect Your Passwords.
5. Limit Access to WiFi
6. Use Kid-Safe Social Media
7. Filtering Software

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