Homework Problems & SolutionsIn this tenth installment of Homework Problems & Solutions, we take a look at how the school can help you to solve the homework problem.

When parents, teachers and the school work together, solutions to homework problems can usually be found in just one or two conferences.

Contact the Teacher if you notice consistent errors in one subject area or if homework is becoming an on-going struggle.

Be prepared to describe the negative behaviors or habits of your child to the teacher.

Schools have specialist staff (Psychologists, Councillors, Learning Assistance Teachers, etc.)  who are equipped to provide support and solutions.

If necessary, homework assignments can be modified by the teacher to help your child stay on a curriculum track and provide him the opportunity for success.

The success that a child experiences through modification of assignments helps to promote self-confidence and increase self-esteem.

With specialized help, your child can develop an “I Can” attitude and as success is achieved the level of expectations can be slowly increased.

Homework should always be a beneficial exercise – not a make work project.  The material should always be work that was introduced and explained in class – if your child seems to not have a clue how to do the work then this is most likely an indication that he was not paying attention in class or the material is too difficult.

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