Homework Problems & SolutionsIn this eighth installment of Homework Problems & Solutions, we take a look at the Procrastinator.

The procrastinator likes to wait until the last minute to get homework done. For most children, this is usually what they are accustomed to doing. If this is the case with your child, then your task is to break a habit that is well ingrained (good luck!).

If your child procrastinates with long-term assignments, then it is your job to ensure that these types of assignments are started the day they are assigned, and, you and your child have agreed upon how many minutes must be spent on this assignment each night. A log should be kept to ensure the agreed upon time is adhered to and the parent should check each block of work to ensure enough has been completed in the allotted time.

Homework Problems & SolutionsIf your child procrastinates with starting homework each night, a timer is a good tool to help you and your child solve the procrastination problem.

At the start of each homework session ensure your child is seated in the place where they do homework and they are prepared to start on time.

Set the timer for 10 or 15 minutes and leave them to work. When the timer rings they have to bring the work they have completed in that time to you. If you are not satisfied with the amount completed let them know what needs to be done for the next block of time.

Another approach is to take the amount of work to be completed – say 30 Math examples – and establish a small chunk of work – say 10 examples – to be completed in a certain amount of time. If the child does not complete the amount of work allocated for that 10 or 15 minute period then you need to tell them to readjust their rate so it is completed on time.

Remember ‘Practice makes Perfect”. Your child needs time management guidance – something that is not usually taught in school. Set the homework block for each day and homework MUST be completed in that time. In this way, homework problems are transformed to become homework skills.

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