Homework Problems & SolutionsIn this 6th edition of Homework Problems & Solutions, we focus on the Resistor.

Children who resist doing homework are indicating that there is a problem…your job is to find out what it is.

Talk with your child to see if you can determine what is going on. Has something changed at home or at school? Are they upset about anything?

Use your skills at 20 Questions to try and elicit what is going on in their mind that prevents them from being able to start & complete homework.

Try to determine if the homework problem is due to the fact that they are struggling with the material – do they find it hard?

Is it an attention problem – do they find it hard to concentrate for more than a few minutes?

Do they feel lost? Do they need extra help?

If you are lucky enough or not to discover what the problem may be, your next step is to contact the teacher. Meet with her and try to come to a consensus as to what is causing your child’s resistance to homework and what steps can be taken to resolve the problem. Working hand-in-hand with your child’s teacher is usually the best way to get positive results.

Again, remember: any plan devised to help your child overcome homework problems must be followed through by you. No plan, no matter how good, will fail without consistent parent support.

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