In this 5th installment of Homework Problems and Solutions, we take a look at the Speedy, Sloppy workers.

Homework Problems and Solutions Sloppy Speedy WorkersSloppy, untidy work is not accepted by teachers and (most) parents. It is usually a clear indication that the creator has rushed and has little if any pride in his work.

If teachers and parents insist on an ‘acceptable level’  of neatness and quality and insist it be redone until it is acceptable, it will soon become obvious to the speedy/sloppy producer, that doing it right once is much quicker than having to redo the assignment two or three times.

Parents can encourage neatness and quality by:

  1. Monitoring the child’s homework at regular intervals (yes, dad, you have to do something!).
  2. Create checkpoints e.g.: 30 Math examples – “Come to see me after completing ten.” (this is where you check the neatness and quality).
  3. Establish a homework time block with a set amount of time. If your child completes all homework before the time is up, they must read until the time is up (this slows down the child rushing to move on to a more enjoyable activity – unless they like to read, then select another activity they must do).
  4. Of course TV, video games, internet, cell phones, devices, etc., etc. are totally out of the picture until homework time is done.

At this point, there may be some of you thinking that these homework ideas require a lot of work. Well…yes, this homework problem will require some dedication on your part…consider it to be your homework and embrace it.

If you are a parent who has difficulty being consistent with demands, or difficulty accepting responsibility for changing your child’s bad habits, the next blog entry, Homework Problems and Solutions #6 – Resistors may be of benefit to you as well as your child.