In this fourth installment of Homework Problems and Solutions we begin to look at solutions to the cause of the homework problem.

Homework Problems and Solutions - Forgetful ChildrenFor some kids, getting homework to and from school is a difficult task. Forgetful Children often have issues remembering to bring home the necessary books and materials to complete an assignment.

The first thing you need to do is ensure your child has a homework book and that the teacher checks it each afternoon before dismissal after your child has written down his homework assignments.

Tell your child to ensure that after the teacher check, he has placed, in his backpack, all the texts, exercise books and materials he needs to complete the homework.

At home, when all the homework is done, tell your child he cannot do anything until he has placed the homework book and all texts and exercise books back in his back pack and placed it by the door.

Stay on top of this consistently until your child does it without having to be reminded. Practice does make perfect, so take the time to help your child develop this habit.

Next week we will publish Homework Problems and Solutions #5 – Sloppy Speedy Workers

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