Homework Problems can be very divisive to family life. This third installment, Determining the Problem, aims to help parents discover what is causing the homework issues.

One of the first things you need to establish is can your child handle the material. Students can be experiencing homework problems because of the level of the material and not tell you or the teacher. They feel vulnerable and afraid to admit to something they may see as a fault or weakness.

You will need to do a little detective work: talk with your child and ask her what the problem is; phone the teacher and get her perspective; is it one subject or more? Is it something unrelated to the subject(s)?

If it is more than one subject that your child is experiencing difficulties with, then have the school assess your child…more on this later.

If you discover that your child is experiencing homework problems because of difficulties with a particular subject at school, then you need to arrange a meeting with the teacher. Ask the teacher to summarize what, in her opinion, is the problem your child is having and how to fix it. Together you should come up with a plan to remedy the situation.

A tutor may also be in the cards to give your child the extra help she needs to get a solid grip of the material.

We welcome your feedback. Please let us know about your experiences with homework problems. We would love to hear about any solutions you found to be effective.

Our next post will be looking at the first type of homework issue: Forgetful Children