The first thing you need to determine is whether there are homework problems or not. If you and your child are tearing your hair out, yelling and screaming at each other over homework issues then it is an easy diagnosis.

There is a difference between occasional homework problems (it is understandable that we all have an off day now and then) and frequent, almost daily, issues. Gentle reminders and prompts to do homework are also normal for most families.

However, if the homework issue is pervasive, with regular excuses for homework not done and constant battles to get your child to complete homework, then there obviously is a problem.

….it may be a demanding parent expecting perfection


angry parentThis analysis might seem somewhat simplistic. But there sometimes is a thin line between determining whether you and your child have a homework problem or not. In some instances, it may be a demanding parent expecting perfection.

If there is even the slightest doubt in your mind, call your child’s teacher and get another perspective. When the teacher is noticing similar behaviors in class, then that will help you to make a sound analysis.

If you have read this far and determined that there really is no problem, then…Congratulations!

If however, it’s obvious you and your child have a homework issue, then the next step is determining what is causing the homework problem?

Homework Problems and Solutions #3 will be posted next week: Determining the Problem

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