Picture of child overcome by homework

Is your child unable to focus on homework? Does he forget to bring home his assignments? Does he speed through work, produce sloppy work, resist work, procrastinate or rely too heavily on your help? Fear not. There are effective solutions to homework problems.

Homework problems are very damaging to family life.

Problems with home assignments can be very stressful to family life and in many cases result in parent-child relationship break-down. Temper tantrums, defiance and passive aggression are just some of the behaviors your child could be demonstrating. For parents, homework issues can be very frustrating, time-consuming and they can create a wedge between you and your child.

As a teacher for many years, I witnessed many families stressed, anxious, frustrated and angry as a result of homework problems at home.

There are effective solutions to homework problems

If this is happening in your family, take heart. There are simple and effective ways to relieve and eliminate the stress and friction caused by homework problems.

In subsequent blogs I will identify the most common homework problems and provide you with simple but effective ways to eliminate them.

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