Avoiding Summer Brain Drain

Avoiding Summer Brain Drain

Avoiding summer brain drain is probably one of the last things on students’ minds as they prepare to kick back and enjoy the lazy days of summer…and for parents, it is probably not much of a concern either.

Reasons for Concern

However, there are a few reasons to be concerned about summer brain drain. According to a study conducted by Dr. Harris Cooper, director of psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia, students returning to school after a long summer vacation have lost one to three months of learning. Cooper goes on to note that math skills suffer the most because little is done to bolster skills over the holidays. Losses in math and reading were more acute in low achieving students and those from lower-income families.

How to Avoid Summer Brain Drain

Parents can help their children avoid summer brain drain by planning fun activities that help to encourage learning and review essential skills in math and reading.

Here are several sites that provide interesting and worthwhile activities to keep young minds alert and active over the summer holidays:

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