19 Questions to Ask Your Child's Teacher

19 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher

Questions Every Teacher Should Be Able To Answer

For most of us, the sense of panic when presented with a Course Outline is thankfully a distant memory. For myself, the memory is not a fond one and it sometimes is the topic of an unpleasant dream. Such was the seeming life sentence for the secondary and post-secondary years: suck it up and do what is expected – do not question.

While the curriculum for secondary and post-secondary courses is very cut-and-dry, such is not the case with elementary education. While there is a prescribed curriculum, the teacher has more flexibility in deciding what, when and how a subject/topic is covered.

It is this flexibility and the immaturity of the young students that prompts many parents to take an active and vigilant role in their child’s education.

Terry Heick, in his blog entry entitled, 19 Meaningful Questions You Should Ask Your Child’s Teacher, looks at how parents can take a meaningful look at what is actually happening in their child’s classroom.

While these 19 questions are not carved in stone, they do provide parents with a starting point for finding out more about the teaching style of the person who is working with their child. Are there more, or other questions a parent could ask? Certainly, and Heick’s list will light the fire for further investigation.

Ideally, it would be beneficial if elementary teachers would forgo any curriculum outline, and focus more on providing parents with answers to these types of questions.

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