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With today’s wired world, educators can now find venues in how to create an engaging activity with their students even when they are outside the four walls of the classroom. These activities help children gain knowledge and confidence to join class activities. Here are some ideas that you can use to extend student participation and learning online:

Post videos

Educational videos provide a good starting point for online discussions by giving feedback or asking questions about what they have watched. Try to find videos that your students can enjoy and learn. There are tons of websites out there that offers such a list.

Apart from informative films, you can also include shots of your class while doing an activity. With easy-to-use video editing apps for tablets, you can make your own videos about different events happening in your school. You can even do this as a classroom activity by letting them make their own using their gadgets. Most apps nowadays allow for frictionless sharing to social media, so it should be easy for them to publish and share their works online, as long as you have a fast mobile broadband connection or reliable WiFi coverage at school.

Post student achievements

Your classroom blog or online group is a good venue to publish their achievements online. These can help them gain confidence to achieve more in class.  For parents who usually check information on the internet, this is also an easy way for them to be updated with their kid’s class standing.


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Do team ups with other classroom blogs

Other classroom blogs meant interacting with other students from across the globe. You and your students could coordinate with fellow classroom bloggers and come up with online activities  like blog competitions or maybe conduct collaborative science projects. This approach gives a close-up view of other cultures.  The Skype classroom is a good way to find new classroom friends for your students.

Opening an online art gallery

Launching an online art gallery is an effective way to boost children’s artistic talents and confidence. Posting their works online allows other people to give their feedback on the students’ works. Instant recommendation can help them in improving their work because they get to discover their strengths and weaknesses. You can open your art gallery at It offers millions of artworks to view. These are segregated into different school levels so kids can look for artworks made by their own age. Plus, it has a weekly contest where for students with great artworks.

Round robin short story writing

This activity helps students express their creative side through writing. It’s a method of writing wherein a group of people will write pieces of short stories in rounds.  You can assign a team of students who will contribute a these literary works to the blog every week.

Now that you learned some ideas on how get your students active online, what methods are you planning to use? Share us your thoughts.

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