Explore the Spas in Canada for a Luxurious Trip

A vacation is meant to relax the mind and rejuvenate the soul.  So, what better way to begin your exploration than by soaking in the famous mineral waters at a spa oasis in a historic Prairie town?

Make sure to rent a car to take you along your journey to immerse yourself in the geothermal, mineral-rich therapeutic waters at the renown Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort.

This superior spa resort offers the largest indoor/outdoor mineral pool in Canada; these waters’ rejuvenating, healing and detoxifying effects—thanks to high concentrations of Epsom and Glauber’s salts, along with silicon, potassium and magnesium—attract visitors from around the world.  The naturally warm waters come from an ancient seabed more than 4,500 feet below the earth’s surface found in porous rock formations near Moose Jaw.

While at Sun Tree Spa, right next door, therapists recommend “taking the waters” for 20 minutes before massage and body treatments to achieve a deeper state of relaxation.  The more the waters calm and detox you, the more beneficial your spa treatment will be for you.  The spa’s many signature treatments offer healing through the geothermal stone therapy massage—a technique of hot and cool stone massage designed to improve the flow of energy in your body.

The Sun Tree signature facial lessens inflammation and strengthens the skin’s immune system, while the wild rose hip oil body wrap benefits sensitive skin and promotes tissue regeneration.

Using the therapeutic taking-of-the-waters in the Quebec Laurentians, you can sit back, relax and re-energize.

This is the time to breathe in the aromatic scent of pure fresh air as therapeutic waters in the Quebec Laurentians help soak, steam and shower your cares away.  In the near distance, the rushing waters of the Diable River lull you into a sense of peace.

At Le Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant, Canada’s first and largest Nordic-style nature spa, you can take a dip into a variety of hot, tepid and cold baths, go for a steam, then cool off under a chilly river water shower.  After that, follow up with a relaxation break in a cozy lounge or in front of a stacked stone outdoor fireplace.  Then for good measure repeat, and repeat, until your body, mind and soul have totally succumbed.  The ancient Scandinavian practice of the “baths” cleanses the body, improves blood circulation and releases endorphins known as the “health hormones”.  You are not only completely relaxed but spiritually and physically replenished.  We all certainly could use that.

You can have a nap in the Zero Gravity Pavilion, a perfect treatment for two—Swedish, hot stone or Thai yoga massages—or head to the bistro for some healthy snacking. Complete the day at one of the terraces, practicing meditation and absorbing the essence of nature all around you. Or take another round of “waters,” then stretch out the kinks in a yoga class. Don’t worry, if you need something a little more high intensity, head to the nearby hills of Mont Tremblant for skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer.  It’s a perfect trip that will leave you feeling brand new!