Student Tutor Forms

Hello Lernit Student Tutor.

Below, please find the Student Tutor Forms you will need to register a new client with Lernit Tutoring Services.

Remember to take two copies of these forms to the first meeting with the client. Submit completed copies of the Agreement and Registration to Lernit immediately after the first meeting. Leave one copy with the client.

We do up-date our forms from time-to-time. In order to ensure you have current forms, we recommend accessing and printing them on an as-needed basis. Be advised that we only accept current forms.

We cannot stress the importance of these documents for liability and recourse issues, so please ensure you submit all necessary forms to Lernit on time.

Thank you!

David Marsden

3.1 Student Teacher Invoice   4.1 Student Progress Report

8.1 Client Request for Waiver of First Hour Fee   5.1 Client Agreement Student Tutor

6.0 Adult Registration   7.0 Student Registration