David Marsden

David Marsden

David Marsden Lernit Tutoring Services

David Marsden is a B.C. Certified teacher who has enjoyed many years of helping Elementary & High School Students and Adults reach their academic goals.

David’s extensive background in education has enabled him to develop a team of effective tutors to ensure you are getting a verified educator who will help you to achieve your learning goals.

David’s Message:

Are you a parent with a child struggling in school?

Are you a student unable to wrap your mind around the concepts in a course you are taking?

Perhaps you are a business person looking to expand your business opportunities by improving your Business English?

Whatever your situation, our qualified, experienced, caring tutors can help you to achieve your learning goals.

Our service is guaranteed. Our rates are competitive

So contact us today and we will help you to achieve  your learning goals.

For more information please email us at Lernit@live.ca or use the ‘Contact Us’ form located in the right-hand margin.