Customer Service Policy

Guaranteed Service

Assured Tutoring Services

LERNIT is dedicated to total customer satisfaction as outlined in our Customer Service Policy

 If for any reason you are not satisfied with your progress, or with the conduct of your tutoring sessions, please report your concern to us. We will then work with you and your tutor to resolve any problems which may exist in the provision of tutoring services.

 The First LessonThe first hour lesson is fully guaranteed. If after the first hour of tutoring you are not satisfied with the service provided, the tutor will not collect payment for that one-hour lesson.  Subsequent LessonsIn the event that your concern expressed with any lesson after the first lesson cannot be resolved, Lernit will, at its discretion, provide you with another tutor, or suspend further lessons. The tutor will provide a refund for any/all remaining pre-paid lessons.

For more information please email us at or use the ‘Contact Us’ form located in the right-hand margin.